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Photoshop Composite & Colors 影像合成及調色技巧課程

Muse Chan Photoshop Composite & Colors
影像合成及調色技巧課程( 繁體中文字幕 )

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    *This course will be available for unlimited viewing and learning within 12 months

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    修圖創作是另一門藝術,Photoshop 能給攝影師提供更多的可能性,無論調色或合成都能為攝影創作者帶來更多現實世界不能達成的畫面及色調氣氛,此課程適合對Photoshop 已有基礎至進階程度學員收看,影片收錄由原圖至完成的過程,五個創作示範均提供原檔及素材下載以便學員跟隨影片練習之用,進一步加深對修圖創作的模式和概念。

在Muse Chan " Photoshop Composite & Colors,Muse Chan將會為大家全面講解及親自示範Photoshop 人像修圖的創作合成和調色技巧。

( 繁體中文字幕 )
  • Selective Color / Hue & Saturation 的不同用法
  • 創造光源方法
  • 二次構圖方法
  • Puppet Warp
  • Flood 2
  • Color Lookup
  • 人工智能 Generative Fill
  • 退地方法
  • 調整明度與色調,日變夜
  • 多張Muse Chan 人像創作作品由原圖至完成品詳盡示範及講解
  • 五個示範原檔圖片下載練習


15 Videos
4.5 hours in total


5 Sessions


- Intermediate


( 繁體中文字幕 )

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Muse Chan

Muse Chan - Portrait Photographer
Muse Chan graduated from First Institute of Art & Design. He has been appointed as executive creative director and has been in this field for over 15 years. “MUSE MUSE”, Muse Chan’s workshop, was founded and established in 2003 and specialised in wedding and portrait photography. Throughout the years, he has also established his personal creative projects. Muse Chan is well-known for his unique ways of lighting and style, and this attracted many amongst the community. Muse Chan founded MIWI "Muse Inspirational Workshop International" in 2009, making his impact in photography internationally. He has visited over 20 countries for the last 10 years for his workshops, including United States, Italy, Singapore, Turkey, Iceland, Morocco, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Indonesia..etc, making Muse internationally recognised by students across the world.

Muse Chan 畢業於香港大一設計學院,曾任職多媒體設計總監, 從事美術設計行業超過15年。於2006年成立自己的婚紗及人像攝影工作室”MUSE MUSE” 並開始更多的個人創作。擅長以光、影、色彩來展現出富有神秘感的唯美人像作品,他獨特的燈法與攝影風格開始引起業界的注意,2009年成立MIWI Muse Inspiration Workshop International 影響力更誇越國際,他過去十年曾到訪超過二十個國家地區進行人像攝影教學工作坊,包括美國,意大利、新加坡、土耳其、冰島、摩洛哥、馬來西亞、中國、台灣、韓國和印尼等等國家,學生遍佈全球。
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